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-Ariel image of Midway Atoll-

The battle of the Midway.... began June 1942 was one of the most important naval Battles of the Pacific Campaign of World War ll.
Occurring six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan had an advantage and could attack where and when they wanted to.
Before the battle the Japanese captured territory in and around Asia and the Pacific. Japan's plan was to set up American aircraft's
so they can capture the island of Midway to use as a base, to expand on their defensive perimeter and ultimately destroy the U.S
pacific fleet. The Japaneses' plan did not work out though, for they underestimated the U.S troops' reaction and skill. Americans
interpreted secret codes from the Japanese and found when and where their planned attack was going to be. Fleet commander
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who lead the attack causing much embarrassment to Japan when it did not work.The Admiral thought
that U.S troops would go and try to fight and that they did not have enough troops to hold out during the attack. During the battle
Japan lost four aircraft carriers and 200 aircrafts with experienced pilots. The united States only lost 1 aircraft carrier and 150
planes. America's victory at the battle of the midway became the turning point of the Pacific Theater in WWII.

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