General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964): Biography

Background Information:
Born on January 26th 1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas to parents General Arthur MacArthur Jr. and Mary Pinkney Hardy
MacArthur. After college he was a junior officer and aide for U.S troops for 10 years. In 1914 he served for several months
with U.S. troops in Veracruz, Mexico. He again served from 1917-1919, on the The 42nd Infantry staff as the chief of staff
and divisional commander in France during World War I.The 42nd Division, nicknamed The Rainbow Division,was a group
of U.S. troops that were sent to France and other parts of Europe.General MacArthur became Major General, after seven
years of service, from a Brigadier general in 1918. After two marriages that ended in divorce he married his third wife, Jean
Faircloth, and had his only son Arthur.
-General Douglas MacArthur-

World War II:

In July of 1941, he again served his country and conducted an attack on the Japanese in the Philippines after war broke out.
Then he was called to Australia March of 1942 to lead forces in the Southwest Pacific Theater.From 1943-1944 general
MacArthur's troops captured major tactical points in New Guinea to Sansapor. While maintaining control over the south pacific
forces in the Solomons(located east of Paupa, New Guinea),he missed many Japanese units.One of his largest operations was the
seven month Luzon campaign in 1945 that he undertook.That spring he conquered again the southern Phillippines and Borneo,
as he left the clean up of operations in New Guinea and the Solomons to the Australian Army. MacArthur was appointed the
commander of all the U.S army forces in the Pacific four months after being promoted to general of the army. He was the one
in charge of the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay, on September 2nd, 1945. After taking apart the Japanese military forces
he directed the restoring of the Japanese economy, and the writing of a new,liberal,constitution.


The Korean War:

The Korean war began in 1950, shortly after WWII ended and MacArthur was chosen to command the United Nations(UN). The United
nations was formed in 1945, to replace the league of nations. The Korean War was between North and South Korea and only lasted
three years(1950-1953). When advancing into North Korea, MacArthur's troops were attacked by Chinese forces and so his troops had
to retreat. After this occurred the president, Harry S. Truman at the time, "relieved" the General of his command, because of his unruliness
and his reluctance to keep the war limited on April 11th, 1951. When first coming home to the United States after being away sense WWII
he was met with admiration, but after news got out about why he was dismissed support soon died. Republican groups tried to get him
nominations for presidency but ,after three failed attempts in 1944, 1948 and 1952, he spoke rarely in public. General Douglas MacArthur
died in Washington D.C. 1964 after living in seclusion in New York city. He was buried in Norfolk, Virginia. General MacArthur dedicated
his life to serving the United States and was known for his courage and bravery.

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