Project Descriptor and Rubric

Welcome to the World War II Wiki.

Essential Questions: What is worth fighting for? What does it mean to be an American?

Requirements for each event:
  • A summary and analysis (what it is and why it is important)
  • At least one significant image, explain
  • At least one link to a relevant website or article (must be credible), explain
  • Citations from annotated bibliography included on relevant pages
Partially Meets the Standards
Meets the Standard
Exceeds the Standard
History: Analyze and critique major historical eras, major enduring themes, turning points, events, consequences, and people in the history of the United States and world and the implications for the present and future.
Student does not meet all of the criteria articulated in "Meets"
Each of the 4 events are:
  • clearly and accurately summarized
  • the significance of each event is clearly demonstrated
  • connection to the essential question is clear
  • the images, webpages, and article links used are relevant and clearly explained, links are live
In addition, student work:* thoroughly explains each events
  • analysis of each event provides insight
  • images, webpages, and article links are highly effective
Applications: Students make collaborative decisions on matters related to social studies using relevant information and research.
Student does not meet all of the criteria articulated in "Meets"
The student collaborates in order to:
  • create an accurate description of the event
  • determine the layout of the information
  • decide which links and images best represent the content
Student critiques each partners' contributions to the wiki
In addition, student collaboration:
  • is highly efficient and effective
  • is drama-less

Student critique is thoughtful and provides insight to the process
Research: Synthesize information from varied sources, fieldwork, experiments, and/or interviews that reflect multiple perspectives

Annotated bibliography

HOW/Digital Citizenship
Student does not meet all of the criteria articulated in "Meets"
  • writing is edited for SPG, with few errors
  • contributes appropriately to the class wiki
  • helps to monitor language and images on the wiki
  • keeps to deadlines set by the class, his or her partner, and the teachers
In addition:
  • writing has few to no errors. Publishable.
  • shows leadership (not total control) and/or diligence in monitoring, editing, and publishing the wiki

Annotated Bibliography Requirements and Sample: